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benefits of renting

5 benefits of renting

There’s a stigma attached to being a tenant but in fact, there are many benefits to renting a property. Here are five benefits of renting:   Access to luxury amenities   Often, especially if you’re renting in a modern development, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities that would otherwise be costly. Luxuries such as swimming pools, gyms, and concierge services are …

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how to make your flat share feel like home

How to make your flat share feel like home

It can be tricky making your flat share feel like home, but renting shouldn’t stop you from creating the cosy home you desire. Here are five ideas to make your flat share feel like home, without compromising your rental agreement.   Pick warm colours and textures   Faced with white walls in your living room that you can’t change? Balance them out by adding …

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where to celebrate bonfire night in london

Where to celebrate Bonfire Night in London

In 1605, Guy Fawkes failed in his plot to blow up the Palace of Westminster. 411 years later, the people all across the UK are getting ready for another round of Guy Fawkes Day celebrations – here’s our quick guide to firework displays around London.   Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival Friday 4th November to Saturday 5th November Set in the iconic Alexandra Palace, this …

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2016 apprentice house

A sneak peak inside the 2016 Apprentice house

Currently gracing our screens on Thursday evenings, The Apprentice sees multimillionaire Sir Alan Sugar put job candidates through their paces with a series of challenges, with the winner becoming his business partner. Each year, the BBC rent a swanky house for the contestants to live in throughout the duration of the show. But where is the 2016 Apprentice house? This year, they’ve been put …

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What’s on in London: Five things to improve your week

Stuck for things to do this week? Here’s our pick of the best things on in London.   Affordable Art Fair Battersea   Set in Battersea Park, the Affordable Art Fair begins on Thursday 20th October and runs until Sunday 23rd October. Art enthusiasts can find a range of limited-edition pieces by some big names, plus exciting new collections by up-and-coming artists. Tickets range …

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make the most of the night tube

It’s finally here! How to make the most of the Night T...

With the Night Tube in full swing across the Central, Victoria and Jubilee Lines, it’s now a lot easier to make the most of 24-hour London. Night Tube: The facts Coming to life every Friday and Saturday, charges on London’s Night Tube are the standard off-peak fares, and the usual daily capping still applies. Here’s what else you need to know: Victoria Line trains …

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smart city rooms rules of flat sharing

The five golden rules of flat sharing

Are you about to move into a flatshare in London? Here are our five golden rules of flat sharing: Make sure you let your flatmates know before you have friends to stay – especially if you’re planning on having a noisy gathering with more than just a few people!   Ensure that everyone pays what he or she’s supposed to. Keep a kitty to …

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things to do in london when it's sunny

Things to do in London when it’s sunny

Looking for things to do in London when it’s sunny? Even though we’re now into September, summer isn’t over just yet! Here are some suggestions for how to make the most of London in the sun.   Escape to the rooftops Drink or dine with a view, and soak up the rays whilst you’re at it! There are plenty of buzzing rooftop bars in …

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