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Uaw Collective Bargaining Agreement

Posted by on December 19, 2020
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A. The university and the UAW may, upon written request of one of the parties, address quarterly meetings. The agendas are agreed upon at least five (5) working days before the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the management of this agreement and other related issues, with the exception of the specific complaints referred to in this agreement. The “employment file” is defined as information (including reports, documents, correspondence and other documents in their entirety or published items) relating to the use of an ESA in the bargaining unit. Subjects that concern only higher education courses are not considered to be part of the employment file. During the negotiations on the 2018-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on immigration status and work permits: 1. A union choice form agreed by mutual agreement “MEF” (Annex E) will be made available to all new ESAs at the same time as new information on the employee list (for example. B, W-4 and I-9). (2) In the event that the ESA has already filled out new personnel information (p. .

B. Forms W-4 and I-9), the university presents a Local 2865 Membership El Formection UAW at the time of the termination of the ASE in the bargaining unit. 3. The university will collect all original signed forms within 10 business days of receiving the completed form and return them to the UAW. ASE can also return the MEF to the union. 4. The university will not prevent staff from filling out the form or becoming a member of the UAW. 5.

Parties may invite guests, including experts and/or members of the bargaining unit, to participate in joint committee meetings, subject to prior notification. After ratification and approval by the parties, the university publishes the agreement on a particular website. A. The university may discipline or lay off an ASE for a just reason. “discipline”: a written warning, suspension without payment or dismissal. An oral warning may be included in a complaint if it is later used as evidence or to justify the extent of the sanction in a disciplinary case. A person who is no longer employed in the bargaining unit may, pursuant to section 12, file a claim regarding the placement of a written warning inserted in the EMPLOYMENT file of the ESA in accordance with this section within 30 days of the date on which the ASE knew or should have known that a written warning had been included in its employment file.