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The five golden rules of flat sharing

Posted by Jenny on October 7, 2016
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Are you about to move into a flatshare in London? Here are our five golden rules of flat sharing:

  • Make sure you let your flatmates know before you have friends to stay – especially if you’re planning on having a noisy gathering with more than just a few people!

  • Ensure that everyone pays what he or she’s supposed to. Keep a kitty to share the cost of basic household necessities, i.e. milk, bread, tea, toilet roll, bin liners etc. Or, if you’d prefer to manage this online, a good alternative option is to download an expenses app like Splitwise. Splitwise is a handy way to share bills, IOUs and to make sure each person in the flatshare pays equally.

  • Try to have regular flatshare bonding events. There’s no need to go overboard, even a flat dinner or a quick trip to the pub after work can help lift the mood and bring everyone closer together.

  • See if you can put a rota in place for cleaning, so each person does his or her fair share of the work. Or, you could arrange for a weekly cleaning service – splitting the cost between everyone in the flatshare means it shouldn’t be too expensive (you can hire a cleaner for around £10 an hour in London), plus it will guarantee your flat gets a proper, professional clean!

  • And finally, if there are any issues, try to discuss them with the rest of your flat share as soon as they arise. The longer it goes on, frustrations could build up and might tarnish your happy home! Discussing issues in person as opposed to leaving notes is the way forward!

Looking for a flat share in London? Find a room to let using our room search facility, or give the Smart City Rooms team a call on 020 7078 0215, or get in touch via email at hello@smartcityrooms.com.