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The five benefits of rentingSmart City Rooms
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5 benefits of renting

Posted by Jenny on November 23, 2016
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There’s a stigma attached to being a tenant but in fact, there are many benefits to renting a property. Here are five benefits of renting:


  1. Access to luxury amenities


Often, especially if you’re renting in a modern development, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities that would otherwise be costly. Luxuries such as swimming pools, gyms, and concierge services are just some of the amenities renters can take advantage of.


  1. No large deposit


Another benefit of renting concerns savings and deposits. Whilst a deposit is usually required when signing a tenancy agreement, the fee will be nowhere near as large as the deposit for buying a house.


  1. Lower utility costs


It’s normally much cheaper to power and heat a rental property as opposed to a typical family home, for example. Rental properties are usually smaller, so tenants can expect lower utility costs.


  1. No maintenance burden


When you own a home, you have maintenance and repair costs to think about, but with renting your landlord will usually be responsible for this. So if an appliance stops working, the funds to repair it won’t come out of your pocket.


  1. Flexibility and speed


One of the benefits of renting is the flexibility it allows you – it can be easier to move house if you’re renting, plus the process of finding a place to rent and signing the paperwork will be quicker than the paperwork involved with buying a house. So if you want to drop everything for the adventure of a lifetime, renting is the best option!


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