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Five of the best apps everyone in a flatshare should have -Smart City Rooms
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Five of the best apps everyone in a flatshare should have

Posted by Jenny on February 20, 2017
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Living in a flatshare is a fun experience, but it does have its tricky moments. So, what’s key to a happy, peaceful flatshare? Well, great communication and organisation is a good start! With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy list of essential flatshare related apps to help you and your flatmates achieve a blissful flatshare!


  1. Splitwise


Splitwise is a free app designed to make splitting rent and utility bills between groups of people simple. You can enter all your flat related expenses when you’re on the go, and be notified when something has been paid.


  1. OurGroceries


OurGroceries allows you to share shopping lists with your flatmates and let each other know what’s been bought, and what items are still on the list. You can make different lists i.e. one for groceries, and one for cleaning products. OurGroceries also has a feature that enables you to list ingredients from your favourite recipes, and store them in the app – great when you’re on the go and haven’t had time to make a shopping list!


  1. IOU


Described by its creators as a personal debt manager, IOU helps you keep track of personal debts, bills, and loans, notifies you if a debt is overdue, sends reminder emails to your debtors, and keeps a history of your repaid debts.


  1. UpTo


If you want an instant way of knowing who’s in for dinner, and who’s not, UpTo is the app for you. It enables you to sync calendars with your flatmates so you can keep track of who will be home and when, so is perfect for scheduling household tasks, meals, and social events.


  1. HomeSlice


Last but not least, is HomeSlice. This app has been specifically designed for flatmates and allows you to manage shared tasks, supplies, and payments all in one place. It also keeps you in check by notifying each flatmate of when something needs to be done.

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